“I hired the professional services of renowned B.C. Artist Lori Goldberg to design and complete art work for my island home.
Her work ethic and appreciation of the scope of work was excellent. She assessed the property and surrounding gardens before completing a wonderful piece of art that graces the main living space of the home.
Her ability to bring the outdoors inside was extraordinary and I can recommend her without hesitation.”

Dan Stamp
Founder & CEO of Priority Management Systems
Vancouver B.C.

“Lori’s paintings are wonderful; they are vibrant, uplifting and fun. She has figured out how to express her appreciation for the natural world through a mix of artistic discipline, talented brushstrokes, and vibrant colors. Her works tend to have a sense of motion. They are serious works of art, but I like that they exude a fun spirit. I love her work on any scale, small to very large, public spaces or homes (as is my painting by Lori).”

David Mackenzie
CEO of LiveRoof, LLC
Michigan ,USA

“We own an original Lori Goldberg and couldn’t be happier. Her work is fantastic. We stare it endlessly and everyday we notice new shadows, new imaginings. We are in love with the depth and interest it has added to our home. We had the privilege of meeting Lori as well. She was just as lovely as her work. Honest, wonderfully open. I can’t recommend her and her work highly enough.”

Claudia Cane
President and COO at Lutheran Medical Centre
Manhattan, NYC