‘Oneness’ Socially Engaged Project , Governors Island ,NYC 2016

I spent the month in NYC and participated in an Artist Residency on Governors Island. I created a Public Art Project titled ‘ONENESS’ Lost Sock Project.  I collected lost socks at laundry mats and went to tailors to get remnants in the Lower East Side. I had the public stuff and sew the socks together to create a long tubular form.It was a collaborative project to celebrate our diversity and to create connections.

Here are some photos that capture the project.


isited Tailors in the Lower East Side and they gave me fabric scraps to use to stuff the lost socks.

ocks collected at Laundromats throughout the Lower East Side


Residency on Governors Island, 10 minutes by ferry off the south end of Manhattan. Throughout the summer the City of New York dedicated this small Island to the arts. On the weekend the studios opened up to the public where hundred’s  came and participated and viewed art.

Photos of the public in action participating in the ‘Oneness’ Lost Sock Project

Collaborative drawing  Participants were asked to draw a sock and connect it to the one before creating a sock chain across the subway map of NYC

img_2905   img_2906img_2908   img_2907
A selection of painting from the Series ‘Portraits of Lost Socks’
watercolor on rag paper

Socks visit the Forest’
Digital photo and oil paint on canvas

Socks sitting on the bench enjoying the day pass by

Lori taking  the Socks for a walk

Domestic Intervention