Altered Nature Series

 Reconstructing Nature Series
Juxtaposing the Canadian landscape and in particularly the Westcoast forest with the urban environment creates a psychological space between these opposing subjects and their pictorial elements. The scaffolding, a synthetically constructed urban structure is painted in the style of hard edge painting that is methodical in process. Contrasted, is loose, animated impressionist brush marks expressing the organic nature a living forest.

Scrap Heap Series
Discarded products of our consumption that are made from raw materials excavated, cut down, or mined are seen as worthless and useless.There is an existential beauty that exists in the wreckage of debris. Remains of what was once a part of the earth, undergone a skillful process of transformation to serve its purpose, only to then be returned back to the earth. Through this transformative disruption, it is unable to return to its original form, displaced from the cycles of nature it once belonged.

In these artworks, our detritus of daily life are re- contextualized and monumentalized in a poetic discord as a visual reminder of the ongoing narrative between humans and their environment. These painterly renderings of our garbage remind us quietly: that which we discard doesn’t disappear.