Altered Nature Series

 Altered Nature Series  are narrative in style and explore the arena of the personal and the collective. Ordinary views and everyday objects come together in discordant co-existence questioning the multiple, often contradictory issues we face as members of a fragmented society disconnected and protected from nature and from self.

Reconstructing Nature Series
Juxtaposing the Canadian landscape and in particularly the Westcoast forest with the urban environment creates a psychological space between these opposing subjects and their pictorial elements. The scaffolding, a synthetically constructed urban structure is painted in the style of hard edge painting that is methodical in process. Contrasted, is loose, animated impressionist brush marks expressing the organic nature a living forest.

Protection Zone
The pick-up-sticks in the children’s game, “Jack Straws” are fashioned to resemble different types of tools of trade similar to those seen protruding from the back of city maintenance trucks.
In this maquette, I reconfigured the game pieces into a fence surrounding a branch from a cedar tree. In many cities, fences are often built around trees when a nearby building will be torn down or built. A sign is hung on these fences that reads ‘Protection Zone’. My intention is to one day see this sculpture constructed on a large scale and placed in a public space.

Scrap Heap Series
Discarded products of our consumption that are made from raw materials excavated, cut down or mined are seen as worthless and useless. Painting about these heaps of scraps invites a different type of conversation about the destructive impact our waste is having on the environment. It is suggested that we as a collective have shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform our planet.