Canadian Series: Iconic Canoe and Urban Forest

Canadian series are paintings investigating the iconic Canadian experiences and objects such as the untamed world of the forest and the infamous canoe. The gaze is  looking through the lens of urban existence. By doing so it opens up the opportunity to explore through painterly means the different tensions that emerge between the synthetically constructed urban environment and the natural world of the Canadian landscape and in particularly the westcoast forest.

“A  Canadian is one who can make love in a canoe without tipping it.” Pierre Berton

Making love in a canoe series explores the iconic object that is the foundation of our country. It is a complex and conterversial Canadian symbol. The canoe is on a journey and the viewer is invited to be its’ steward.

Urban Forest series is painted with neon synthetic colours, referencing the urban manmade environment of plastic made materials. Imposed in the paintings are  images of popular culture of cartoon characters and painting tools are built with with throw away packaging. These paintings are a response to the devastating affects of climate change and the responsibilities we have as the caretakers of this remarkable planet and to do something immediately about it.