Canadian Series: Iconic Canoe , Urban Forest

 Altered Nature Series

Reconstructing Nature series
Are paintings investigating a symbiotic relationship between the synthetically constructed urban environment and the natural world of the Canadian landscape and in particularly the West coast forest.  The scaffolding is painted in a methodical process that is labour intensive: layering masking tape,coating, painting, waiting, peeling and repeating. It is  juxtaposed with the loose, animated painterly brush marked surface of the trees. Words that come to mind :protect, build,support, interrupt, surround ,intersect.

Scrap Heap Series
Industrial sites and waste management sites are part of the infrastructure (the underbelly) of cities. They are visible but are not always seen. There are heaps of discarded  products of our consumption and raw materials excavated, cut down or mined. Positioning these heaps in the context of nature creates awareness of the environment and its present issues.

The Canoe Paintings
Inspired by the Canadian historian Pierre Berton’s tongue-in-cheek definition of a Canadian as “Someone who can make love in a canoe without tipping it over.” I thought I would like to paint about this amazing Canadian iconic object that without it, Canada would not be what it is today.
I started to gather stories of canoeists and through their storytelling and my interpretation, I started to paint the canoe, imagining the preparing and setting off, the journey itself and the ending while keeping in context the history of our first nation’s spiritual and utilitarian relationship with the canoe.