Into the Garden

June 13-July 7, 2013
Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery, Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver BC


I do not paint in front of but from within nature. Arshile Gorky

Into the Garden is a collection of paintings inspired by the urban garden that surrounds my studio. My neighbors and I decided do away with our wooden fences and create our very own ‘lively green fences’.

I love to travel and this time my garden was the entry point to my journey. When I travel, I become more alert and open to new experiences. I welcome the random and unexpected occurrences and I enjoy the heightened awareness. I observe what is happening in front of me, what is happening inside of me and what is going on around me. I see. I hear. I watch. All my senses are engaged to truly see beyond the ordinary everyday beauty.

In the spring, the growth of the garden is palatable. The physicality of the flowers, leaves, petals and buds bursting forth with life actively seeking the sun! I load my brush with pure saturated color in attempt to catch the complex language of the garden’s world.

Every day when I visit the garden it has changed. The light, the rain, the wind and the passage of time have made an impression on the garden and it influences the way I approach my next painting.

A hummingbird flashes in front of me; one minute it’s there, the next it’s gone. It exists, even if only for a moment. I want to express this sense of playfulness, so I choose an alternative tool to make my mark. It is a child’s spinning top with a marker attached to it; as it spins it leaves its trail of an unpredictable spiraling line. It finds its own path responding to this unexpected yet welcome visitor.

This body of work is about movement and stillness. At times it is about the flowers, the wind on the leaves, or the sound of a dog barking; all are part of the vista, the journey.

As an artist I do not have to travel far to find fascination and inspiration. Using my Imagination and a willingness to explore, the world finds its way to me.