HOLLYHOCK 2017 Painting Beyond the Ordinary

Yin and Yang of painting (got it feel it in your body)!

This summer, I had the great fortune to travel to some beautiful places in BC and facilitate Painting workshops with amazing and inspiring participants. It was a transformative time for all. The weather was stellar and the participants blew me away with their willingness to push their boundaries and explore new creative territories.

Below are a few photos that capture the essence of the workshops and locations.
Hollyhock on Cortes Island
‘Painting Beyond the Ordinary’ 2017

Demo on the beach

Bioluminesence evening kayak paddle to inspire the senses

Outdoor studio .. amazing space to work in

My people!

6:00 am morning paddle , singing, storytelling…

WHISTLER : Into Abstraction 2017

Gorgeous women in a equally beautiful environment

Getting the paint on the canvas!

Going beyond the brush

Vancouver:Plein Air in the City 2017

A day at Trout Lake;  nature in an urban city neighbourhood

Crab Park, urban, gritty and dynamic. What a great location for inspiration!

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